Support for Other Operating Systems

Some time early in 2011, support for other operating systems was curtailed due to the prevailing server issues we were dealing with at that time.

Since then, we have moved on and the outlook is looking better server space wise.

Given that, and for the recent 10 year anniversary we’ve just seen – what better time than now, we’ve rebuilt support forums for selected operating systems.

You can see what we have done here.


Happy Birthday Ubuntu Forums

Somewhere roundabout 10 years ago Ryan Troy started what we all know and love – Ubuntu Forums.

The look and feel has gone through several iterations, matching the Ubuntu colour scheme evolutions. Each look & feel has had its own crowd saying the previous one was better, but the one constant has been the members who in their thousands log on to share knowledge

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As part of the forum wide celebration – there’s a custom avatar you can use if you wish, and if you’ve less than 10 posts, you too can use it now that we’ve changed the 10 post rule to allow you to use custom avatars. We’re also making some changes to how we deal with other operating systems – soon.

For now we’ll be checking the posts that get made roundabout midnight of the 9th – if we pick you – expect a PM from one of us.

Thanks for your participation in helping the forum become what it is – as we passed through 2 million threads and rapidly approach 2 million users.

LoCo Forums

Up to now we have happily held areas for any LoCo who wishes us to do so.

Some of these are extremely active, notably the Catalan and Argentina teams areas, many though are unused at all and others show no activity at all since the middle of 2013.

Following a discussion with the LoCo Council and in conjunction with other changes we have been making to the forum, many of these LoCo forums have been archived. All of the posts in the archive area are still readable, but no new posts will be allowed in these archived forums.

If the LoCo Contact for any of the closed areas wants to discuss the situation with regard to their own forum we would be happy to do so.