Ubuntu Phone and Tablet support on the forum

Now that the BQ phone is on the market and people are actually posting technical support questions regarding it, the Forum Council felt that there was a real need to create a venue to target this specific variant of Ubuntu.

Therefore a new sub-forum has been created in the Ubuntu Specialised Support area of the Forums, Ubuntu Phone and Tablet, providing support for smartphones, tablets, and anything to do with Ubuntu mobile technology.

The old Mobile Technology Discussions sub-forum will remain live for the time being, while the Forum Council decides how the needs of the forum membership is best met in the chat areas of the forum.


Forum Council Addition

For some time now we have been 1 short of a full council. A few months ago we started a new process, Super Moderators , this has now born fruit.

While we were always hoping that Super Moderators would work, as we all know, that’s not always the case in practice.

As it did work for us, we’d like to welcome Slickymaster to the Forum Council, we are sure he will add as much here as he does elsewhere in the Ubuntu family.