Forum Staff Additions

It was this time again the Forum Council consider welcoming new moderators as a few people had stood down in the last months. It is always a refreshing and exciting process, to look for new people to add to a team.

With that in mind, please welcome our newest additions to the Forums Staff Team, Ajgreeny and PaulW2U.

Both have shown sustained and helpful contributions to the forums and meet the requirements stated in the team nomination wiki, namely:

  1. Be consistently helpful and active on the forum.
  2. Be an Ubuntu Member by way of Forum contributions or an Ubuntu Member who is active on the forum.
  3. Have no infractions or have no current infractions (depending on the severity, at least 18 months old ).
  4. Have demonstrated a consistent attitude of friendliness, kindness and who have shown a pattern of helpfulness in their posts.

Congratulations from the Ubuntu Forums Council.

New Ubuntu Members via forums contributions

Please welcome our newest Members :

sammiev – ; application thread :

ajgreeny – ; application thread :

Both have shown sustained and helpful contributions to the forums.

If you have been a contributor to the forums and wish to apply to Ubuntu Membership, please follow the process outlined here. For information, 7 forums users got their membership over the last year or so.

Congratulations from the UF Staff team !