New Ubuntu Member via forums contributions.

Please welcome our newest Member, Paddy Landau.

Paddy has been a long time contributor to the forums, having helped others with their Ubuntu issues for almost 9 years.

Paddys application thread can be viewed here, wiki page here and launchpad account here.

Congratulations from the Forums Council!

If you have been a contributor to the forums and wish to apply for Ubuntu Membership, please follow the process outlined here.


Forum Council Additions

A healthy team is able to renew itself and integrate new members. It is always a refreshing and exciting process, to look for new people to add to a team.

For some time now we have been 2 short of a full council so in continuing our successful mentoring of potential new admins through the Super Moderator staff group we welcome QIII and oldos2er to the Forum Council.

The Ubuntu Forums Staff team now consists of 15 Moderators, 3 Super-Moderators and 7 Admins. In addition, 4 forums users have Moderator status in a specific sub-forum (UWN, Catalan and Argentina LoCo teams forums we host). You can find a complete list of the forums leaders here.

We’d like to also thank DuckHook and Wild Man for stepping up to Super Moderator positions. We are sure that they will all do great work administrating the forums as has been the case for many years to the benefit of the Forums and Community.