Ubuntu Membership via Forum contributions

It has been sometime since we had forum members become Ubuntu members through forum contributions.

That fact raised some concerns among the Forums Staff, making us think that the process of applying, summarized here, probably wasn’t regarded as being straightforward and simple.

The main issues that we tried to approach, and correct, were that the requirements for applying were vaguely defined and the examples given on the previous wiki page were of advanced users.

With the idea of making the process of gaining forums membership easier and less intimidating, not only the Ubuntu Membership via Forums contributions wiki page has been rewritten, covering all the potential questions an applicant might have, but also a tutorial for the Code of Conduct signing assistant page has been created, complete with screenshots to guide applicants through the steps involved in signing the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, in order to make it as easy as possible.

So, if you have been contributing to the forums for a while and are interested in becoming a Ubuntu member, please put together a wiki and Launchpad page, sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and dive in.

Just grab a member of staff should you have any remaining questions or doubts, they will be delighted to help you clarify any point or guide you through the process.

Forum Staff Additions

It was this time again the Forum Council consider welcoming new moderators as a few people had stood down in the last months. It is always a refreshing and exciting process, to look for new people to add to a team.

With that in mind, please welcome our newest additions to the Forums Staff Team, Ajgreeny and PaulW2U.

Both have shown sustained and helpful contributions to the forums and meet the requirements stated in the team nomination wiki, namely:

  1. Be consistently helpful and active on the forum.
  2. Be an Ubuntu Member by way of Forum contributions or an Ubuntu Member who is active on the forum.
  3. Have no infractions or have no current infractions (depending on the severity, at least 18 months old ).
  4. Have demonstrated a consistent attitude of friendliness, kindness and who have shown a pattern of helpfulness in their posts.

Congratulations from the Ubuntu Forums Council.

New Ubuntu Members via forums contributions

Please welcome our newest Members :

sammiev – http://ubuntuforums.org/member.php?u=628319 ; application thread : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2275859

ajgreeny – http://ubuntuforums.org/member.php?u=27747 ; application thread : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2281652

Both have shown sustained and helpful contributions to the forums.

If you have been a contributor to the forums and wish to apply to Ubuntu Membership, please follow the process outlined here. For information, 7 forums users got their membership over the last year or so.

Congratulations from the UF Staff team !

Ubuntu Phone and Tablet support on the forum

Now that the BQ phone is on the market and people are actually posting technical support questions regarding it, the Forum Council felt that there was a real need to create a venue to target this specific variant of Ubuntu.

Therefore a new sub-forum has been created in the Ubuntu Specialised Support area of the Forums, Ubuntu Phone and Tablet, providing support for smartphones, tablets, and anything to do with Ubuntu mobile technology.

The old Mobile Technology Discussions sub-forum will remain live for the time being, while the Forum Council decides how the needs of the forum membership is best met in the chat areas of the forum.

Forum Council Addition

For some time now we have been 1 short of a full council. A few months ago we started a new process, Super Moderators , this has now born fruit.

While we were always hoping that Super Moderators would work, as we all know, that’s not always the case in practice.

As it did work for us, we’d like to welcome Slickymaster to the Forum Council, we are sure he will add as much here as he does elsewhere in the Ubuntu family.

Ubuntu Membership

It has been sometime since we last talked about Ubuntu Membership through forum contributions.

Applying is quite simple and we have a dedicated forum area just for it. The process is detailed here and summarized at.

In addition to the normal Ubuntu Member benefits as a forum Ubuntu Member you’ll be first to know when things are changing and can take a part in forming the forum’s moderation team.

So, if you have been contributing to the forums for a while and are interested in becoming a Ubuntu member, please put together a wiki and Launchpad page, sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and dive in.

Super Moderators

Since the Ubuntu Forums started way back in 2004, there’s been 2 parts to the moderation team, the Administrators (members of the Forum Council) and the Moderators.

The Administrators have access to the forum’s control panel and are expected to deal with user accounts and some parts of the forums functionalities in addition to usual moderation tasks.
The Administrator Control Panel is a dense forum’s back office that is not always easy to follow. It takes quite some time to train a Forums Admin. Even if the Admins turnover is quite low, it does happen from time to time within the normal Council expiry.

The Forums Council has decided to mentor a set of Moderators (currently 3) to administrate the forums. We have created a new group amongst the moderation team, the Super Moderators, who have access to the Administrator Control Panel and will progressively be trained.

We will start the training with some aspects of editing user accounts. With the advent of the SSO login, we’ve found that more and more time is spent just trying to help people log into and use the forums. The only way to actually deal with these issues is from the Administrator Control Panel.

What this means to the majority of forum users is that they’ll see 3 more names posting in the resolution centre for those issues.

This new project means that there will now be members of the moderation team used to dealing with parts of the forum that they’ve not been able to do previously. As future members of the Forum Council necessarily come from within the current moderation team, they will already be familiar with the functionalities and interface and ready to go !

Finally, this dovetails quite nicely with part of the current Community governance discussions that have been taking part on the ubuntu-community-team mailing lists – in particular a discussion on mentoring. This mentoring project has been implemented on the Ubuntu Forums over the holiday season, when Admins had more free time to set it all up, with thanks to the Canonical sysadmins who had to tweak their side.